Established in 2000, Bluedale Group of Companies is a full service independent Media specialist agency encompassing a full range of services by dealing with the hassle and letting the clients relax while their work is being done for them. This happens by providing services that range from strategic media planning to content management and ownership for both traditional and new media.

Examples of these services are the syndication of media platforms, buying and implementing media advertising space and airtime, coordinating marketing and advertising activities, negotiating with media owners and administration of media accounts. Because of this, clients do not need to take matters into own hands but can let the hassle be dealt with.

These services are provided through the five different subsidiaries: Bluedale Integrated, Bluedale Media, Bluedale Publishing, Bluedale Event & Consultants and Bluedale Conferences & Exhibitions.

With these services and specialization the aim is to reach the goal of being the best integrated and most dynamic and independent media specialist within the region as well as being a regional player in total advertising and media solution services.

With a background of over 20 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, Lyndon Yap, senior business director, co-founded Bluedale Group of Companies with Annie Goh in 2000. Ever since, they have lead the company to evolve and development in the world of media by expanding their services and businesses, within the group, as the company grew.

By starting with media representation and strategizing, Bluedale has branched out to subsidiary businesses that each have their specialty. With Bluedale being set up in 2003, Bluedale Media followed soon after. In 2004 this started with the offer of self-owned billboards and other outdoor media.

Soon after, Bluedale Event & Consultants arised as an one-stop integrated source for event management and entertainment services as an answer to the increasing demand. Since then it has developed into a full-fledged agency that aims for quality service and successful events.

In 2007 the time came to set a new direction for the company which worked out with the introduction of Bluedale Publishing. This subsidiary organization has aspired to settle as a leading publisher in promoting travel and tourism in Malaysia and has been succeeding so far.

The last addition to the Bluedale Group of Companies was added in 2009. Bluedale Conferences & Exhibitions has gained vast experience in organizing highly successful and well-attended business-generating international exhibitions.

With a wide variety of services and experience in the media industry, Bluedale Group of Companies still remains ambitious. The management has the vision for the company set to become a homegrown brand in media representation and specialization in the Asia-Pacific region to consequently be an established regional player in the media industry with its own offices in other ASEAN countries.

About us

BLUEDALE Group of Companies

was established in the year of 2000 and is a full service independent media specialist that handles:
- Strategic media planning
- Buying and implementing media advertising space and airtime
- Coordination of clients' marketing and advertising activities
- Negotiations with media owners on behalf of clients
- Administration of media accounts

BLUEDALE Group of Companies comprises of 5 different subsidiaries, Integrated, Publishing, Media, Event & Consultants and Conferences & Exhibitions. Our vision and mission are to be the best integrated and most dynamic and independent media solution within the region, and a regional player in total advertising and media solution with the dynamics of the current market conditions, yet in a professional way.

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Bluedale Integrated

BLUEDALE Integrated is fully independent, and is not linked to any creative advertising agency group. All shares are held by management within BLUEDALE Group of Companies This independent status enables us to do business with all the players in the advertising world- Irrespective of who our clients appoint as their advertising agencies. BLUEDALE Integrated has a very in-depth background and knowledge within the advertising and media industry to create a "one-stop" shop for our fast and borderless society from the strength of its founders. Many of its concepts are done and formulated to provide high quality, efficiency and conveniences in mind, but yet it is as cost effective and competitive in our dynamic environment today, while creating economies of scale. We currently work with many established advertising agencies and media buying houses. Today, with these resources, expertise and strong management team in the printing, advertising and media, this has in turn be able to provide value added services and effective business strategies to potential business partners, while maximizing their returns in the related industries, may it be any in the area of advertising and promotion. These business strategies would also translate to competitiveness and an additional margin for all our business partners.

 Our Product and Services:

  1. Media Execution-- we do media execution accordingly to the plan designed specifically for our clients, this puts the strategy into action and leads to results.

  2. Media Buying-- we procure the best possible placement and price of piece of media real-estate within any given media. Our main task of media buying lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured.

  3. Research and data compilation-- We do research and data compilation of each products and marketing plan to ensure the promotion of the products itself.

  4. Discount negotiations-- Good negotiation creates a win-win solution, not only within the budget, but also less budget with the most impact result.

Bluedale Media

BLUEDALE Media is a media company which focuses on syndication, production, licensing, distribution, delivery and ownership of all form of media. Having vast experience in quality, family-friendly animated content for the advertising and entertainment industry, BLUEDALE Media offers services in various capacities as an incubator consultant, agent and producer with respect to the development of these areas and business module. Apart from that, BLUEDALE Media focuses on the outdoor advertising such as acquisitions of billboards, bus/transit shelter, ads/street furniture, spectaculars and indoor signage. BLUEDALE Media also acts as a liaison to the entertainment and advertising industries on behalf of numerous productions, intellectual properties, individuals and entities within the global animation and live action communities.

Our Product and Services:

  1. Professional advise on the media industry, both locally and abroad for the total branding of clients' product lines.

  2. Total solutions package of branding, planning, coordination and execution of plans and requirements for all related parties to ensure and maximize return on investments.

  3. Acquisition of sites in prime locations in high traffic and high exposure areas that will be transformed into an effective advertising tool that will best suit the client's needs.

  4. Development, production and distribution of animated programming and content/live action within the broadcast and mobile community/industries.

  5. Introduction of new characters into the world of syndicated media via fast-moving world of mobile technologies.

Bluedale Event & Consultants

BLUEDALE Event & Consultants is a young and dynamic advertising agency, with event & resources management as its base. Over the past years, with the spill-over requests from its group of companies, it has developed into a full-fledged agency with quality services in mind. It also puts great emphasis in providing 5-star services to all level of clients including hotels, government, national and multinational sectors. BLUEDALE Event & Consultants is well-known as a one-stop integrated source for its agency, event management and entertainment services. We are well capable to provide our clients prompt and effective solution and to ensure the events held are a success. Our prime objective is providing a diversified yet high-quality and professional service for our clients. We help our clients to reduce operational cost and save energy consumption. We evaluate your requirements to provide creative and vibrant events while providing the most effective solution to best meet your ultimate goals. To create a professional environment where the quality of work and service delivered amounts to clients' satisfaction--domestically and internationally.

Our Product and Services:

- Promotion Road Shows
- Product Launching
- Business Seminars
- Family Days
- Signing Ceremonies
- Official Openings
- Theme Parties
- Annual Dinners
- Entertainments
- Trainings
- Competitions

Bluedale Publishing

BLUEDALE Publishing is one of the subsidiaries under BLUEDALE Group of Companies. It was incepted in March 2007. BLUEDALE Publishing is the latest addition to Bluedale Group of Companies. Over the past years, there have been numerous requests from its group of companies, to provide services in relation to publishing matters, such as the writing of press releases, translations and publications. Being new in the publishing industry, BLUEDALE Publishing aspires to become among the leading publishers in promoting travel and tourism in Malaysia. With a focus on travel and tourism publications including other specialized genres, our publications provide free, relevant up to date information on entertainment and events in and around the Klang Valley and Malaysia. We are a resourceful team, simply dedicated to promote travel and tourism in Malaysia among our locals as well as international visitors. We do have 2 publications, which is KL the Guide and Klang Valley 4 Locals.

Our Product and Services:

We provide services in relation to publishing matters such as writing of press releases, translations and publications.
KL the Guide is to provide tourists with most relevant and up-to-date information during their holiday in KL.
Klang Valley 4 Locals is more to an overall coverage on the whole Klang Valley to give everyone the upper hand in deciding their itinerary.

Bluedale Conferences & Exhibitions

Established in 2009, BLUEDALE Conferences & Exhibitions has vast experience in organizing highly successful and well attended business-generating international exhibitions. We have carried out many contracts throughout Klang Valley, and always ensuring our clients peace of mind with every project completed on time and within budget. Our team comprising of expert staff and additional support personnel are experts in project management. We also retain the services of highly specialized sub-contractors with proven records in the exhibitions industry. We also have a consistently high professional standard with the clear objective of ensuring all exhibitions managed by us have a maximum number of quality trade, professional exhibitors and visitors. Yet, although we are acclaimed as an experienced and preferred exhibition organizer in Malaysia, BLUEDALE Conferences & Exhibitions is not contented, but continues to strive towards the improvement of quality and service to our honored customers to ensure optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Product and Services:

- Corporate Events
- Carnival Events
- Exhibitions
- Conventions


Malaysia Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2010
This event is organized by Malaysia Cocoa Board and BLUEDALE Conferences & Exhibitions in conjunction with the World Cocoa Day to educate the public about the history of cocoa and the importance of cocoa. This event also featured all the chocolate players locally and internationally in this industry. It showcased all varieties of chocolate and products that are made from cocoa.
International Cocoa, Chocolate & Consumer Show 2011
It is an international event that brought all the global and local players in the industry together in one show to showcase and display their products to the domestic and international market. There were Chocolate Manufacturers, Cocoa Grinders, Health & Wellness products, Hoteliers, Caterers, Restaurant equipments suppliers, F&B providers and companies, Bakery & Confectionary connoisseurs and products such as cake, jelly, sweets, and other FMCG products such as snacks, coffee, tea and others.

Join Us

I.T. Executive

To be responsible for supporting IT operation which include database administration, Network Maintenance, web & email system, Thumb Print system, CCTV System, Printer and PC maintenance.

Senior Business Executive

Consistently review existing and new HOUSE clients (locally and overseas), including new sales & sales calls - basic revenue generation.


How to apply ?

1. Check on the desired post.
2. Learn the details.
3. E-mail your resume to

Media Executive

- Consistently review existing and new HOUSE clients(locally and overseas),
- Check and review proposals given out.
- Updating clients on the up coming promotions and/or supplements.


To handle all secretarial duties such as interacting with other departments, scheduling meetings, appointments, travel arrangements, typing, filing, correspondences, maintain HR records etc.

Editor / Writer

- Be responsible for all editorial aspects of company's publications and web pages
- Write creative and effective material or articles for company's publications

Graphic Designer

- Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Knowledge for other software is an advantage. Pagemaker, Macromedia Flash, QuarkXpress, basic Html, and other graphic software.
- Preferably skill(s): Creative, Pro-active.  


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